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The essay component of college applications is more important than ever and offers you a chance to truly stand out.

Writing personal essays is not intuitive for most people. Even the best writers benefit from outside perspective. It's OK to need and want help. The Internet provides general writing advice, but having advice tailored specifically to you can take your essays to the next level.

Authentic self-expression is the key to an outstanding personal statement. My goal is to help you strategically develop a portfolio of application essays that truly communicates your unique strengths and personality. Ultimately, I want you to feel proud and confident about what you choose to share with admissions committees.



I offer guidance and encouragement throughout the drafting process. I stick with my students through however many drafts it takes to get to a polished product that is ready to send.

I provide:

  • Help brainstorming and evaluating the pros and cons of essay topics
  • Help developing ideas and creating essay outlines
  • Help identifying and emphasizing personal strengths
  • Strategic supplemental essay planning to recycle essay topics, thereby reducing overall writing burden
  • Content and organizational advice
  • Language assistance (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.)
  • Content pruning recommendations to meet word counts
  • Resume/activity list editing

Even more importantly, I provide:

  • Individual attention
  • Cheerleading, support, and encouragement
  • Help staying focused, on track, and organized
  • The benefits of outsourcing one aspect of the overwhelming admissions process

In addition, I provide essay coaching services to graduate school applicants and middle school families applying to competitive high schools.

Pricing is based on the number of essays we work together, with discounting for multiple essay bundles. Contact me for more information.



I've helped others improve their writing as far back as I can remember. I no doubt inherited this propensity from my journalist and editor father. In college, I began receiving requests for help editing graduate school application essays and resumes. One day, I realized I had been editing essays for friends and family for twenty years. I decided to grow a business.

Things to know about me as your essay coach: I am an Austin native. I graduated co-valedictorian from St. Michael's Catholic Academy in 1997. As a high school senior, I applied to nine schools including Harvard, Wellesley, Pitzer, Pomona, Scripps, UT, Tulane, Rice University, and Southwestern. I was accepted to all of them, and I received scholarships, including more than one full ride offer, to some. I chose Rice and earned my BA in Anthropology in 2001. I later applied to graduate school and was accepted at my first-choice school, Emory University, to study clinical psychology. I earned my MA from Emory in 2009.

I am also a portrait painter. All my pursuits - psychology, painting, and essay coaching - are united by a sincere interest in truly seeing others and helping them express their unique character and strengths. I love helping students achieve their goals and create opportunities for themselves. If I can help you generate the best possible portfolio of application essays, let me know.


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